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The hotel demands a housekeeping operation which is both efficient and productive, and causes the minimum disturbance to guests. CPM cleaning has the pedigree and has proven to be the company that meets the cleaning challenges posed by a hotel.

CPM cleaning has an excellent reputation for highly professional cleaners using high-quality cleaning machines, which are built to last and easy to use. You can trust us to provide a cost-effective cleaning solution which would meet all our needs.

Expert Cleaning for Hotels Different Areas

For “The non-slip, resinous floors in most hotel kitchens with very rough surface which can become ingrained with debris during the day” CPM cleaning can give these floors a really deep clean at night to remove all debris in the surface and leave it clean, dry and safe. We deliver perfect results every time.

We are experienced in all aspects of hotel cleaning and can undertake specialist tasks including overnight cleaning, deep cleaning of catering areas and the special treatment of decorative finishes, such as marble.

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