Display Your Cars in the Best Light Possible with a Clean Dealership

An auto dealership is fighting a constant battle against dust, dirt and grime. It negates the attention you have spent on detailing your cars if the auto dealership itself has not been given the proper cleaning attention.

To allow you to display your cars in surroundings that properly enhance their brand names and quality, we have developed a commercial cleaning service specifically for auto dealerships.

Our Cleaning Service Covers Every Part of Your Dealership

Auto Dealerships tend to spend too much detail on their showrooms and not enough on their service bays, parts departments and exterior areas.

We take a holistic approach to auto dealership cleaning. We apply the same standards in cleaning the showrooms that we do to every other area in your dealership. In doing so, we raise the standard of your dealership and the auto brand your dealership represents.

This has proven to be a winning formula to our many auto dealership customers. We work with dealerships representing AUDI, Jaguar, Hyundai, Holden, Honda, Volkswagen, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

Attention to Cleanliness Provides Customers with a Sense of Confidence

We provide a level of cleaning that provides customers with confidence in your dealership from the moment they walk in the door. In the showroom area this means we pay close attention to the floors and windows as they are the main means of auto display.

Our cleaning professionals are trained to adjust our cleaning techniques for whatever type of flooring you use to display your autos, including:

  • Hardwood
  • Linoleum
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Carpet
  • Tile

We are experts at removing tire and rubber marks from any type of flooring. We also leave your display windows and walls both streak-free and spotless.

Your office area needs to look professional as well. We provide office and cubicle cleaning services, dusting and upholstery cleaning and lavatory cleaning and disinfecting.

Clean Service Bays Speak Volumes about the Competence of your Services

Many of your customers visit the service bays of your dealership as well. We provide an industrial level of cleaning to rid these bays of oil stains, grime and grease marks. We also provide material disposal for any refuse or auto parts that are unsafe to dispose of normally.

We give your service bays and parts department the same level of attention to cleanliness that we give to your showroom.

Auto Display Lots and Car Parks Provide a First Impression

Your car park provides a first impression for potential customers. It’s the first part of the dealership they see. Keep your car park and auto display lots looking pristine by utilising our power-wash and sweeping services.

We can successfully remove any type of stain from asphalt or concrete to keep your exterior areas spotless.

Often, you use these exterior areas to stage special events. We also provide services to free you from the chore of cleaning up after a busy and successful event.

If you have an auto dealership in the Sydney area, call CPM Cleaning today to find out the full extent of our auto dealership cleaning service.

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